Pukeko Room (3-6 years)


The Pukeko Room provides opportunities for children to explore a rich curriculum that supports children on their journey through the first plane of development. We encourage your child to dress themselves independently, pack and unpack their own bags, go to the toilet on their own, wash their hands, sit on the mat, listen and develop social skills and confidence within large groups. Skills such as writing their name, holding a pencil correctly, counting and recognising letters and numbers are all aspects where we place a strong emphasis on learning experiences each day. Children’s learning opportunities are enhanced through opportunities provided by our Montessori based curriculum and philosophy.

The preschool children have regular mat times throughout the day where they learn songs, stories and are encouraged to share things with the other children. We value that each child learns at their own pace and when they are ready, and that play is children’s work.



For new children, we encourage 3 settling visits, approximately 2 weeks before your child’s start date to ensure a smooth and settled transition for both you and your child.

Children transitioning from our Tui Room will have regular accompanied visits to get familiar with their new environment and meet their new friends, ensuring this is a positive step in their learning journey. Our Transition Policy is available by asking a member of the team.


Transition to School Programme

We believe in building a foundation for children to transition to school as confident, capable learners. Children aged 4.5 years and over are invited to attend our School Readiness Programme where the teacher introduces children to experiences, concepts and activities that they will encounter at school. The Readiness for School Programme provides opportunities for children to engage in collaborative, reciprocal learning. It fosters children’s confidence in using a variety of strategies for constructing a perception of themselves as active explorers, whose thoughts are valued. Children participate in small group activities based on a variety of topics, such as maths, language, culture, art, drama, science, physical movement and baking.


For children aged 0-12 months, we provide you with a communication journal so our teachers in the Nursery can keep you updated with daily information about your childs day. We also use Storypark to share photos, videos and audio of your child’s development so you never miss out on those treasured milestones.