Our Rooms

Tui Room

Tui Room (0-3.5 years)

A nurturing and caring ‘home away from home’ environment, ensuring children feel safe and secure in their own space, as they begin to explore and discover the world around them.

Pukeko Room

Pukeko Room (3.5-6 years)

The Pukeko Room provides opportunities for children to explore a rich curriculum that supports children on their journey through the first plane of development.

Connecting Children with Nature


The Natural World

Part of the Montessori curriculum is Care of the Environment, and we encourage children to explore this concept in many ways, including caring for the natural environment. Children love to explore our garden spaces, with apricot and lemon trees, lavender, and many herbs such as rosemary and mint. Children are able to partake in the care of our garden in a variety of ways such as through watering the plants.

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We're currently offering for children under 2 yrs old.
8 weeks free
Available until August 31st 2020*
Contact us to find out more:
*Conditions Apply
We're currently offering for children under 2 yrs old.
8 weeks free!
Contact us to find out more:
Available until August 31st 2020.*
*Conditions Apply